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Our Programmes

You can walk with us as a volunteer, carry out your social work, profesional work experience, assist in hospitals, amongst other forms of help.

“Social Service and Professional Practice”: These are agreements with universities in order for them to carry their internships work experience and social service.

“Hands On”: Are you a Therapist and you would like to support patients? We are waiting for you

“Join us!”: ¿would you like to form part of our volunteer team, and carry out administrative or fundraising work or help with events? You are welcome to join us!

Join Our Team

We are a team of health professionals and volunteers who believe in quality healthcare attention should be within reach of those from the most disadvantaged backgrounds, and to offer different kinds of support that improve the quality of life on the patient.

Doi your social service with Antes de Partir!

We need more people like you interested in doing voluntary work which will Benefit our patients with cancer and their families.

Why do your voluntary social work in Antes de Partir?

• You will actively contribute to people who most need help.
• You’ll raise awareness of the importance of doing voluntary work
• Ptactice your knowledge and skills, whilst achieving the objectives of Antes de Partir.

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