Antes de Partir A.C.

The Team

The Team

The Board

We are more than 90 volunteers, experts in palliative care, who believe that quality service in patient attention and care should be within reach of those who have the least opportunities, from the most disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Board

Mariana Hernández

President and Founder

Public Accountant in Strategy and Finance, graduated from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), with a postgraduate in Corporate Management from the same instutution. Masters in Social Responsability from the Anáhuac University. I have also studied verious different humanities and psychology disciplines such as: Tanatology, Reiki, Daily Life Semiology, Thetahealing, Pineal Connection, Numerology and Universal Energy.

I am passionate about acting with love committment and altruistically for all those who suffer from cancer and lack the necessary conditions to receive adequate attention, in a country where the index of people suffering with cancer is growing exponentially.  Today, solidarity, responsability and committment are indispensable values in order to colaborate and create the Mexico which we all long for.

Elisa Fesh


Degree in Business Administration from the ITAM and currently Sub Director of a bank.

My mision is to contribute to generating awareness in society, to achieve active and responsable coorperation. My aim is to help those from vulnerable sections of society in extreme poverty and who suffer from cancer, to improve their quality of life.

My interest in helping Antes de Partir A.C. comes from a personal experience, and realizing that not all those who suffer from cancer have the same opportunities to accesspalliative care and alternatibve medicines that could improve their quality of life.

María Eugenia Téllez


Public Accountant with more than 30 years of experience.

In the last few years, I have actively participated in courses and congresses for Thanatology, reiki, Daily Life Semiology and Thetahealing.

I have known cancer through two experiences with my son: the first time we won the battle with cancer, and my son lived 20 years with a good quality of life. In the second, Gerardo succumbed to the illness.

As a resulto of that experience, and at the realization of the limited access to palliative care in Mexico, we took the decision to start our charity, Asociación Antes de Partir, A.C., with the aim to help reduce physical pain and psychological suffering of those patients who suffer from this illness, working with them and for them.  

Gerardo Jiménez


Philosopher, Therapist, Writer y Semiologist of Daily life

One of my greatest motivations has been to find the meaning of life and to help others find a meaning for their lives. One sense is completed once we understand the meaning of death. To help people reconsiliate lovingly with themselves, in order to either leave or remain, in peace, is one of the objectives of Antes De Partir A.C, and also one of mine.

Carmen Morales


Degree in International Relations, specialist in Project Management and Public Relations.

Antes de Partir for me means the posibility to help realize the dreams of those who, diagnosed with cancer, feel that it is impossible to find hope, fulfilment and happiness in their present moment.

I am committed to work daily in order that the patients and their families have a better quality of life, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Dr. Alejandro Rey


To be a Doctor as a vocation is a gift

The enormous pleasure of treating a patient, helping them reduce their pain, is in itself enough motivation to feel alive, to feel that our lives are not spent in vain. To be involved and to participate in Antes De Partir A.C. is a big opportunity to put in practice the gift of serving.

Knowing the story about how a candle was lit for the birth of the association is really moving and to be amongst its´members is an incentive for our spirit. I am grateful to be a part of this dream turned into a reality.