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Reading Material

Death and the Duck

Death, a faithful companion from birth, patient, tolerant, silent and wise teacher, who throughout our lives gives us just time and multiple opportunities for love, heartbreak, joy, sadness, anger, frustration, to learn and unlearn, to become attached and detached, both from our loved ones and friends and material objects, to finally detach ourselves from our life and die in peace and calm, understanding that, when dying, those who remain will no longer matter, since they are not part of our life, because we have died for the world, nor are we part of theirs, since we are no longer for them.

This short, but beautiful and wise story, allows us to see the above and in a simple way, lead us to reflect on something so natural, historical and proper to us, non-transferable, non-negotiable, non-advance, non-postponable, but what day by day , shows us with the death of others, that he is as close to us as our clothes are to our skin, and that despite the tendency of our current society to hide and deny it, he will always come back to remind us until he realizes us .

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