Antes de Partir A.C.

How to Help?

How to Help?

Social Service and Profesional Work Experience

Cancer is a delicate illness, not just for the patient but for everyone around them. Help us raise the spirits of these people through your actions.


Community service is always necessary in order to have an empathetic and social society.


In Antes De Partir A.C., we give you the opportunity to do your social service or profesional practice with us. We know this is an obligatory activity in order to graduate, but we´ll help you see that just because it is obligatory doesn’t mean that it is tiring and boring: on the contrary, it can be very fulfilling and satisfying.


In this stage of your life, in which you will give your time and attention to this community, you will put in practice the knowledge and tolos that you have aquired during your carree, which will help you to aquire an experience and a vision much more real of your studies and of your life. It is very important to us that you see your maximum potential to be realized.


 In “Antes de partir A.C.” we Will help you to acquire new knowledge for your personal and work life, aside from just growing a sense of solidarity with others.


Whatever you are studying, you will be a huge help to us!

Areas of competency that you can develop:

Administrative: you can become proficient at various tasks helping to run our office.

Communication: for students of graphic design, communication and publicity, you can help us roll out visual communication messages, administer social networks and créate digital strategies.

For health students: for psychology students or students planning to be pediatricians, we invite you to work alongside therapists to get first hand experience with patients and their families.

To start the process, it is important that you send the following two documents to

1. Up to date CV
2. Letter explaining why you would like to work at the association

Once your application is reviewed, we will be in touch to arrange an appointment

Your social service can be carried out during the hours of the association:

Monday: 10 am- 7pm

Tuesday: 10 am- 7pm

Wednesday: 10 am- 7pm

Thursday: 10 am- 7pm

Friday: 8 am-3pm

Any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

Join the great work of Antes De Partir and make a difference!

With your donation, ¡we can make a difference!

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