Antes de Partir A.C.

The Team

The team

The Team

We are more than 90 volunteers, experts in palliative care, who believe that quality service in patient attention and care should be within reach of those who have the least opportunities, from the most disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Team

Dra. Carlos L. Roa

Head Directive Doctor of the Pain and Palliative Care Clinic

Surgical doctor from the Anáhuac University, especialist in pain and palliative care, with Post Grad from the Bioethic Faculty of the Anáhuac University, the School of Medicine of the Ben Gurion University and the Automomous University of Guadalajara.

I colaborate with the association based on the meaning of what it means to be a doctor. In its Greek origin: mederi means ‘’He who takes care of , he who has someone in his care’’ In latín: ‘’medicus ‘’he who takes care of another’’ A patient is a person who needs help, the doctor is the person capable of giving that help. To be clear: if we do not cure with palliative care, we DO provide relief, and that is my mission.

Dra. Julia Salinas Dücker

Clinical Nutrition Coordinator

As a doctor specializing in medican nutrition, I have learned from my patients that nutrition doesn’t only sustain us biologically, but it also affects our emotions and feeds our spirit, leaving memories that transcend our loved ones even after we have gone. I am grateful to this association for the opportunity to be able to bring patients and their families together with a better quality of life through adecuate nutrition. To participate in Antes De Partir A C is to pay homeage to all the marvelous people who, as patients, trusted me throughout the difficult process that any terminal illness envolves.

Dra. María Luisa Ramírez

Medical Coordinator, Pain and Palliative Care Clinic

Medical Surgeon of the UNAM University in Mexico, medical expert, forensic expert. Specielist in Family Medicine at the IMSS´s Pain and Palliative Care Clinic.

My duty as a doctor is to improve the quality of life of a patient through palliative care. To reduce pain and symptoms cased by a terminal illness and help them get through this process with the least suffering possible, and the most amount of calm is what lifts my spirit.

Thank you to Antes de Partir for the opportunity to accompany patients and families.

Erik Guevara

Project Coordinator and Fundraising

My misión is the creation and execution of projects, managing communication with businesses and individuals for tax deductible donations. I work together with coaching groups to créate fundraising strategies and generate sales through official projects of the Association.

Antes de Partir is a very important part of my life. I began doing my Social Work in hospitals, and I became united with the cause. We can all change the world, and the Association has allowed me to do it. Anyone who wants to help is well received: there is so much to do and to achieve. Each Project and event fill me with satisfaction to see the good that our work does for the children and their families. From day one this was not a job, but the place I belong.

Lizbeth Noreña Cámara

Generarl Coordinator

Service Coordinator in the High Specialization Hospital IMSS Siglo XXI Oncology, and in the Federico Gómez Children’s Hospital

Thanatological and Palliative Care Clinic.

My engine is driven by love and service for those who are going through hard times and to be able to accompany those who are losing their health, hear them and support them during the illness process, so that they can enjoy and share the best that they have together. Live before leaving!

María del Pilar Díaz

General Coordinator

General Service Coordinadora for the Moctezuma Children’s Hospital

The main motivation for participating in Antes de Partir is to be able to service with love and altruism, contributing in a small way to helping to reduce the suffering that patients and their families live during this process and turn the perception of loss into a perception of gain.

Sara Guizar

Play Therapy Coordinator

Play Therapy Coordinator at the Moctezuma Children’s Hospital.

Thanatology, Reiki, Successful aging.

Love is the most important human feeling, because it allows us to understand, serve, support, respect and share. Antes de Partir has given me the opportunity to give purpose to my life, giving love and to the children and all those who are suffering from cancer. Their words, and the gratitude on the patients´faces, especially on the children’s faces, provide comfort for me and encourage me to give the best of myself to the association.

Victor Manuel Palacios

Play Therapy Coordinator

Play Therapy Coordinator at the Moctezuma Children’s Hospital.

Business graduate with a specialization in Project management. Play therapist, Logotherapist, Thanatologist, Reiki Practitioner, and specialist in successful aging.

I am grateful to beling to the ANTES DE PARTIR team, because helping those who need support in their lives brings a lot of satisfaction and personal growth.  It carries a great sense of dedication and committment, in each of the activities that the association carries out, and all contribute to the strengthening of the organization