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Palliative care is a fundamental right of every human being. – Access to a pain clinic, psychological care, social supports (loan of medical equipment, medicines and supplies, pantry support) emotional and spiritual support - to raise the patient's quality of life with respect and dignity.

Atención en el “Hospice”de la Casa Colibrí

Comprehensive care through palliative care for patients who due to their social and economic conditions cannot be at home or who live outside the CDMX area. In the “Hospice” we have 8 themed rooms perfectly equipped with everything that patients require to improve their quality of life. The patient is housed together with their primary caregiver who also receives psychological support and treatment throughout the process.

Come and visit Casa Colibrí where true warriors live!

Attention in the Palliative Care Clinic of the Casa Colibrí

Medical, psychological and emotional, spiritual and social support to patients and their families. We provide different supports such as: medicines, equipment and medical supplies, pantries, food, among others.

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