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Interview with Mariana Hernández, president of Before Leaving, about terminal illnesses

Interview Antes de Partir breaks the ice with terminal illnesses. Announcement TV "We are Brothers" Wednesday October 28, 2015.

David Arrieta interviews Mariana Hernández, President of Antes de Partir

Interview with David Arrieta 1030 AM "Stories of all" talking about the Association Antes de Partir, its services and cancer. Friday October 21, 2015.

Radio Spot: Antes de Partir, A.C.

Dissemination of the services offered by the association Antes de Partir by radio means.

Mariana Hernández, president and founder of Antes de Partir, spoke about work at the head of the Association.

On June 27, 2016, Iñaki Manero interviewed Mariana Hernández, president and founder of Before Leaving A.C, who told us about her extraordinary work as head of the Association.

Iñaki Manero is an outstanding and versatile communicator with a history of more than 17 years in Grupo ACIR "National leader in radio".

What it means for the cancer patient and their family to “understand emotions”?

Mariana Hernández, president of Before Leaving, A.C. He explains it to us in a pleasant chat he had with the journalist and communicator David Arrieta, in the radio program “Historias de Todos”, which is broadcast on 1030 AM.

Interview: What can we do to prevent cancer?

Do not miss in this podcast the interesting and enjoyable interview about cancer and its prevention that Montserrat Arroyo performs on Dr. Omar Macedo Pérez, Oncologist attached to the chest clinic of the National Institute of Oncology and Lic. Mariana Hernández Téllez, President and founder of Fuera de Partir, AC, in its evening program "A buena hora", a space for health and disease prevention that airs from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 13:00 on 1350 AM.

Cancer is a disease that occurs at any age, but if it is detected early and lifestyle changes are highly preventable.

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